Digital Presence: Triggering Business growth ? A survey leads to the tremendous growth in the speedier market penetration.

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Whether advisors want to admit it or not, the digital age is here. Technology is transforming ourbusiness and changing the behaviour of our clients like never before. It's made the world smaller, given us shorter attention spans, and increased the number of ways we learn and connect with each other.It's also made our clients and prospects hungry for information. The question is, are you doing everything you can to satisfy that hunger when a potential client considers doing business with your firm?

Yes, It’s the right time to move to the digital world. We understand the factors that can boost your business to a multinational conglomerate.

  1. Make Your Website an Interactive Marketing Hub

    The first and easiest way for prospects to learn about you and your firm is through your website. Many advisors know this, but what you may not realize is that your website serves as so much more than just a static canvas for promotion and education. Your website should be a living, breathing tool that changes and evolves as you do. In other words, it's critical to build a complete "human" view of yourself and your firm online. Changing the appearance to think bigger and grow bigger.

  2. Creating a presence in Wide reaching Social Medias

    Start a company page on Facebook and LinkedIn, write a blog, and set up a Twitter account to communicate with your target audience and showcase your firm. As the lines between communication and marketing blur, it's becoming more important for advisors to develop a social strategy that serves both of these business functions. The key with social media is to provide valuable content and communication. Without these components, your PRACTICE MANAGEMENT 2 social media strategy will end up like everyone else's: unsuccessful and unproductive.

    • a. Create content that gets shared on mobile devices:
    • b. Let your personality show through
    • c. Collect and use information from clients' social profiles
  3. Promote your Digital Brand- Makes you easily noticeable

    In the past few years, marketing budgets for advisors have shifted online from the traditional offline channels. That's because consumer interest—and influence—has moved to areas like social media, marketing websites, and online news. With this shift in client behavior, advisors need a better way to manage their digital brand. The pressure to continually differentiate ourselves from the crowd will only get stronger, and developing a proactive plan will prevent you from getting left behind. Here are just a few action items you can implement now to improve your digital brand:

      Points to solve your hunger for business

    • a. Upgraded social media approach
    • b. Video footage on Web presence
    • c. Digital outstretch to wider market.

    Good Luck