Website- An online virtual showcase: A Key Factor for the business Success We identify your hunger for tractions

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  1. Purpose

    Web design has been identified as a key factor for the acceptance and success of the websites and electronic commerce. We analyse from a marketing point of view the main aspects that could influence online users’ perceptions and behaviours, in order to achieve a successful website.

  2. Design/Methodology/Approach

    We developed an extensive literature review emphasizing the special role that web design could play in the interaction user-interface. Besides, the methodology related to benchmarking allows firms to know the best practices and to learn some key lessons for developing their businesses online.

  3. Findings

    The literature review allows us to affirm that web design is a key factor for getting positive outcomes as it influences on users and online consumers’ perceptions and behaviours. A website design addressed to simplicity and freedom of navigation provides clear, timely and accurate information in all its contents and an appearance that calls for the users’ attention.

  4. Research limitations/Implications

    Global Duke offers a set of guidelines that could improve the design of the e-commerce websites regarding the visual appearance of the website, the navigation through the site, the information and contents and the characteristics of the. It could be interesting to analyse empirically the impact of all key attributes on the users’ perceptions and behaviours.

  5. Originality/value

    This is one of the first studies which explains how a website must be designed from the demand’s perspective. The analysis of the users’ perceptions and the marketing view of design could help designers to find the website that best matches their users’ needs and so, to improve the relationships between users and companies through their interfaces.

  6. NO Business Web

    We have identified one of the key challenge in the business tractions in the web development by low cost and unprofessional teams. We can see a good number of web development companies doing we for very minimal cost , would result in no gain.