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The rapid technological advancement paves the way for new business opportunities as the demand is moving from desktop/laptop to mobile interfaces. it is pretty evident why having a mobile application is integral for your business. A mobile application does more than sending data to the users it represents your brand, keeps the user updated and engaged, while also facilitating a two-way communication channel between the user and you, always.

IOS Apps

IOS gadgets are popular among urban communities in the US, many European countries. Global Duke builds apps for both iPhones and iPads and has a proven track record in building consistently innovative apps.

Android Apps

Global Duke provides full-fledged Android app development solution for your business ideas using latest Android technologies across multiple operating systems. We have an experienced & awesome team who breath coding.

Cross Platform Development

Building native apps is always the best approach to get optimum results. However, building native apps will restrict the user from deploying the application in multiple platforms. The cross-platform development approach is useful in those scenarios.

Web - Our Major Focus

We give high priority to brand appeal and user experience in multiple devices which has great relevance after Google’s mobile-friendly update that has revolutionized the way online businesses work.

Innovative & Creative Approach

We bring a agile approach to all our services, thinking innovatively and creatively.


We meet our clients expectations first and being connected to our clients.


Our expertise and process make us to be more reliable in the market.


Our projects are perfectly the combination of Fine quality and better results.


We are more programmatic in believing that mouth publicity is the key factor for the genuine business generation.

We can develop a customized Mobile app solution to meet your specifications and scale accordingly to satisfy the user demands.

Global Duke developers can assist you in every phase of the mobile app development process from fleshing out an idea to submitting a finalized app into the app store. we have the experience and wherewithal to make your big dreams come to fruition at a price you can afford. Service Request

Our Mobile Application Development Services include:


IOS App Development

Android App Development

Cordova PhoneGap

Concept Development

Web Services

Marketing Plans

Monetization Strategies

Monetization Strategies

We ensure dedicated support for your projects
-Global Duke Team

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